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Implement carbon-reduction practices while being able to plan for long-term impact with Honeywell’s carbon capture solutions

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Help Meet Carbon Neutrality Goals with Carbon Capture

Business leaders globally have made promises to go carbon-neutral as early as 2030 and are taking action today. With each passing day, those goal dates get closer, and you want to move to the next phase of your CO2 reduction journey. How will you hit those bold targets?

Start today with carbon capture from Honeywell. 

We will continue to invest in our plants and in new technologies that will reduce our carbon footprint and contribute significantly to global efforts to mitigate climate change. 

Darius Adamczyk,  Honeywell Chairman and CEO

Industrial Market Segments

Carbon capture solutions help significantly reduce CO2 emissions1 from hard-to-abate industries across a wide-range of feedstocks.




Refining & Petrochemicals 

Honeywell UOP DACSIV™ adsorbent solutions for direct air capture (DAC)

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