Manufacturing And Industrials

From consulting services to chemicals, from solvents, additives, and refrigerants, to films and insulation, our innovative solutions help power your company's success.

Solvents, Barrier Films, And Fluorides

For solvent degreasing, Solstice® PF, Solstice PF-2A, and Solstice PF-HP are highly effective and offer favorable safety and environmental properties. Our industrial-grade polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) films offer unsurpassed moisture barrier capabilities compared to other traditional clear barrier films used in non-food and non-pharma applications. In industrial applications, our fluorides are used as metal surface treatments, cleaners, glass etchants, wood preservatives, and insecticides.

Solstice Performance Fluid
By providing good surface wetting and superior cleaning power, Solstice Performance Fluids are able to effectively clean intricate parts and assemblies without harming most substrates in the process. They are compatible with many metals, plastics, and elastomers used in industrial applications.
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Barrier Films
Honeywell HydroBlock® films are well-known for superior clarity, inertness and moisture barrier properties. This combination of strong attributes results in specialty packaging unmatched by traditional, non-halogenated packaging products.
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We manufacture a diverse range of tailor made complex fluorine salts and have the capability to custom manufacture these derivatives to meet specific customer requests.
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Specialty Additives

Synthentic waxes, polymers, and blends that help imrpove performance, increase manufacturing efficiency, and reduce costs. Deepen the color of your inks, the grip of your adhesives, and the strength of your plastics, rubbers and asphalts with our lower molecular weight polymer additives.

Ultimate Adhesives
Improve the performance of your adhesives with A-C® performance additives.
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Expert Inks
Ink formulators employ Honeywell additives to improve performance, simplify manufacturing and lower costs.
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Paints & Coatings
Get more performance, cost savings, and manufacturing efficiency out of your products.
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Plastics & Rubbers
PVC manufacturers insist on our additives to reduce plate-out and torque and improve processing speeds.
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Refrigeration And Insulation

Highly effective refrigerants that can reduce global warming impact by over 99%. Foam Insulation - best-in-class foam blowing agents for manufacturers of refrigerators, freezers, and appliances. Insulated panels - foam panels in metal casing for walk in freezers, shipping containers, shelters and more.

Solstice Refrigerants
Watch performance improve with near drop-in replacements for HFCs and HCFCs in remote condensing units, centralized and micro-distributed systems, micro-booster and cascade systems, and other refrigeration equipment.
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Foam Insulation
We are the leader in rigid foam blowing agent technology for refrigerator and freezer, and other appliance manufacturers worldwide.
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Insulated Metal Panels / Boardstock
Insulated metal panels (IMPs) are typically formed with polyurethane (PUR) or polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam sandwiched between two metal sheets to make composite roof, wall, and partition panels. Our blowing agents improve foam performance in IMPs.
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