Automotive Industry And Manufacturing Solutions

We offer modernizing innovations to make electric vehicles more efficient, air conditioning more sustainable, and to protect against corrosion and oxidization.

Automobile Air Conditioning

Currently used in over 90 million vehicles worldwide, Honeywell Solstice offers automakers excellent performance with ultra-low global warming effect potential. A near drop-in replacement for the R-134a, Solstice YF efficiently meets the regulatory needs of automakers seeking to improve the global warming impact of their fleet. 

Thermal Management For Electric Vehicles

Honeywell's Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) allow heat transfer without affecting the performance of batteries or critical electronics. Honeywell offers a wide range of materials that help automakers control heat and manage battery power to maximize capability and efficiency.

Corrosion And Oxidization Protection

Honeywell provides specialized fluoride compounds and brazing fluxes to overcome corrosion and ensure brazing is effective and efficient. Honeywell produces customized fluorines as metal surface treatments and an industry-leading aluminum brazing flux for greater protection and more robust results at lower temperatures. 

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