Direct Air Capture Adsorbent Solutions

Introducing Honeywell UOP DACSIV™, an advanced zeolite adsorbent solution for direct air capture (DAC) of carbon dioxide (CO2). 
Blue-Sky Made Real

Global industry leaders are continuing to seek new technologies and strategies to reduce emissions. Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology is projected to play a crucial and growing role in limiting the global average temperature increase to 1.5 degrees C, as it provides a negative emission solution. Unlike other forms of carbon capture, which abate CO2 directly from industrial sources such as flue gas, DAC extracts CO2 directly from ambient air. DAC technology has gained support from policymakers and industry operators due to its ability to reduce otherwise non-abatable emissions, as well as its flexibility of location, ease of monitoring emissions, and scalability. To meet the targets set in the IEA’s Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario—from roughly 0.01MT CO2/year of DAC today to more than 85 Mt of CO2 in 2030 and around 980 MtCO2 in 2050—DAC technology requires a rapid increase in scale. Honeywell UOP’s DACSIV™ solution is available now to help DAC technology providers scale their operations today.

Introducing Honeywell UOP DACSIV™ Solutions

Honeywell UOP DACSIV Capture is a leading zeolite-based adsorbent solution for capturing CO2 through Direct Air Capture (DAC) by providing exceptional selectivity & longer life, affording higher yields, and offering improved cycling & lower lifetime operation cost.

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