Transform Your Assets for a Decarbonized Future

Honeywell UOP has the technology and expertise to help turn your sustainability strategy into profitable reality. 

The new ways to approach decarbonization

With decades of experience in asset transformation, Honeywell UOP translates customer challenges into pragmatic steps tailored to finding and implementing long-term solutions. We can help you make tactical improvements in current operations and suggest strategic shifts in entire product portfolios that can turn today’s assets into tomorrow’s revenue and compliance success.

Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage

Continue operations amid tightening emissions policy while taking advantage of tax incentives. Control Scope 1 GHG emissions through capture and conversion technology.

Technology and Energy Improvements

Hydrogen, utilities, water, and emission control are expensive and a drain on OPEX. We can show you how to construct a plan to build new plants and revamp existing ones in a way that will increase plant efficiency while managing those costs.

Feedstock Substitution

Create more value through a greater variety of feed stocks while producing less CO2. Drive profits by claiming available credits for switching to renewables production with co-processing technology.

Pivot From Fuels to Petrochemicals

Get ahead of the market curve, satisfying the emerging demand for petrochemicals as the need for transportation fuels slows. Expand profits while reducing upstream and downstream Scope 3 emissions.

Create a Business Model Customized for the Future You Want

Refining and petrochemical production not only need to be profitable; they also need to be socially and environmentally responsible. This white paper explains our E6 framework and gives specific examples of how companies can use it to help make future-forward decisions and realize their decarbonization goals. 

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The Path to an eSAF Reality
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Carbon Capture
The year 2030 is coming fast. Honeywell UOP has the domain expertise to help you Implement your decarbonization strategy.
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