The Importance of Collaboration in Tackling Sustainability in Pharma

The Importance of Collaboration in Tackling Sustainability in Pharma

Honeywell has joined a multi-stakeholder collaborative in efforts to continue addressing the growing waste issue within the pharmaceutical industry.  

The manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs has an impact on the world’s carbon footprint. Recyclability challenges posed by current recycling processes and the complexity of pharma packaging also influence the growing waste issue. These factors have caused the need for the pharma industry to create a more sustainable future while continuing to meet drug stability and patient safety standards.

Through our Honeywell Aclar® portfolio of innovative barrier packaging, we have supported the pharma industry for years while making improvements that have enabled us to help companies meet the growing demand for more sustainable barrier packaging.

However, to continue driving progress around waste reduction, it’s important for joint efforts to take place across the industry’s entire value chain. As a result, we have recently joined the Sustainable Medicines Partnership (SMP).

What is the Sustainable Medicines Partnership?

The Sustainable Medicines Partnership (SMP) is a not-for-profit, public-private, multi-stakeholder global action collaborative, created with the goal to help address the issue of waste and inequity. Honeywell, along with 48 other global organizations, is a Founding Collaborator of SMP and is actively involved in the program’s projects.

Why have we joined?

Our shared goal in this collaboration is to create impactful, science-driven solutions that are both scalable and more sustainable, and that aim to reduce both medicine waste and waste associated with medicine production.

By leveraging this partnership, we will be able to actively collaborate with leading pharmaceutical industry players to address not only the pressing issue of waste in the industry, but also work towards creating a more sustainable future for medicine that benefits all stakeholders.

Honeywell is committed to helping address the recyclability issue posed by plastic used in pharmaceutical packaging. Our extensive expertise in pharmaceutical packaging technology spanning five decades, focus on extending product shelf-life through advanced technologies and overall goal of preventing medical packaging landfilling, positions us to make a significant contribution to this endeavor.

Learn more about our sustainability commitment with Aclar®.