Podcast: The Importance of Adaptability in the Face of Sustainability Challenges

Podcast: The Importance of Adaptability in the Face of Sustainability Challenges

Honeywell’s experts discussed the significance of sustainability in solutions that are ready to be used commercially as well as the influence diversity, adaptability and collaboration can have in those efforts.

The world’s outlook on sustainability has accelerated throughout the years. Whether influenced by global regulations targeting the phase-down of greenhouse gases (GHG) or regions setting up their own initiatives in efforts to achieve carbon neutrality, it has become imperative for companies to adapt ready-now technologies that can help them drive success no matter where they are in their journey.

Amanda Copperthite

Vice President of Strategy, Marketing & Consultancy
Honeywell UOP, Sustainable Technologies Solutions

Yashika Sharma

Global Strategic Planning Leader, Honeywell UOP, Sustainable Technologies Solutions

On a recent podcast episode, two leaders from Honeywell UOP’s Sustainable Technologies Solutions, Amanda Copperthite, Vice President of Strategy, Marketing & Consultancy, and Yashika Sharma, Global Strategic Planning Leader, met with Victoria Montagu, SVP at the Barton Partnership to talk about the importance of sustainability not only within our own efforts to achieve carbon neutrality but also in our scalable solutions that are helping the world make progress against their environmental goals today.

“Ready-now technologies are those that can be deployed today… from carbon capture for those hard-to-abate segments… to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) that providers can use today, customers don’t need to wait. We don’t have to wait to start addressing what we need to, to limit that 1.5 degrees Celsius warming” Copperthite points out.

Sharma highlighted that “sustainability doesn’t only stop at the innovating offerings that we’re presenting to our customers, but it’s also in our [Honeywell’s] DNA, where we’re trying to take stringent internal measures towards the path of carbon neutrality for our company.”

At Honeywell, our wide-reaching portfolio of ready-now technologies can be deployed today and can help companies around the world to decarbonize across various industries.

In hard-to-abate segments such as cement, steel, petrochemicals, etc., our fully developed carbon capture solutions can be implemented today to help transform plants across industries into carbon capture points instead of carbon emitters. Honeywell UOP Carbon Capture technologies help customers capture 15 million tons of CO2 per year, equivalent of more than 3 million cars on the road. 

Our experts also touched upon the importance of diversity, women in leadership and how partnerships and collaborations with other organizations are key components to continue making an impact on the challenges faced today. 

“All different careers and backgrounds are important for the sustainability journey as they bring different thoughts all together. I encourage those that want to get in a sustainability and technology company, don’t let not having an engineering degree stop you,” said Copperthite.

From ongoing corporate ventures related to sustainability, such as the recently announced Electric Hydrogen venture investment to collaborations involving SAF and carbon capture technologies, these are only some of many efforts to continue making progress against our environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitment.

"A good mix of partnerships and collaborations along with our in-house capability development that can bring a lasting impact to the sustainability challenges that we face" added Sharma.

Listen to this podcast and learn more about how our leaders and #futureshapers are creating solutions every day for a more sustainable tomorrow. 

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