Building Durable and High-Performing Roads Require a Multi-Functional Solution

Building Durable and High-Performing Roads Require a Multi-Functional Solution

The asphalt paving industry plays a vital role in supporting road infrastructure and the mobility of people, goods and transport around the world. Choosing the right additives for asphalt modification can have a significant impact on pavement/road performance, cycle-time, energy consumption and costs. Honeywell Titan(R) additives provide a multi-functional, low-carbon additive solution that not only boosts performance and saves costs, but also reduces environmental impact through lower emission of harmful gases.

The asphalt paving industry relies heavily on products and materials that enable meeting rigorous specifications and regulations around road construction. Additionally, companies across the industry are constantly looking for innovative alternatives to build more durable pavements at lower costs, reduced environmental impact and higher energy efficiency. 

Honeywell Titan® additives for asphalt paving play a key role in addressing these challenges as they are designed to modify asphalt properties to enhance the performance of pavement formulations. Honeywell Titan® is a family of synthetic low Molecular Weight polyolefin-based products, developed by industry experts who have been helping customers build durable and sustainable pavements at lower costs. 

Some features and benefits Honeywell Titan® consistently delivers include:

Superior performance

Honeywell Titan® technology boosts asphalt’s performance while allowing for shorter mixing and paving cycles and lower process temperatures driving efficiency and productivity. Our additives help reduce water (moisture) damage and rutting, improve the adhesion of asphalt binders to aggregates, and enhances pavement longevity. 

Low viscosity; high stability 

When it comes to producing modified asphalt, solubility and viscosity can influence the ease of mixing. The more soluble and lower the viscosity, the easier it is to blend. Furthermore, the lower melting point of Honeywell Titan additives enable the incorporation into asphalt at lower temperatures and reduced cycle times.  In addition, the modified asphalts are storage stable – they don’t experience grade loss or separation as measured by ASTM-D7173.  Asphalt modified with Honeywell Titan® polymers retains its low viscosity and can be mixed with aggregates and compacted at lower temperatures, thus saving time and energy. 

Ready-to-use with easier compaction and flexibility

Honeywell Titan® asphalt additives are compatible with a wide range of asphalts and can also be readily co-blended with elastomeric-type additives to provide elastic recovery-type properties.

Asphalt modified with Honeywell Titan® can enable material savings and lower process temperatures relative to modified asphalts featuring SBS polymers.

Energy reduction and cost savings

Hot Mix Asphalt containing Honeywell Titan® additives have better workability and lubricity, when compared to traditional SBS polymers. Not only can the pavement be placed and compacted at lower temperatures, but the number of roller passes required to obtain the desired density is reduced as well which further reduces fuel consumption. 

The reduction of roller passes and fuel consumption was demonstrated during a highway paving trial performed in collaboration with the Texas Department of Transportation, where Honeywell Titan® polymers offered significant cost benefits as there was a decrease of roller passes by 33% and an estimated decrease in fuel required to mix by 13%.1 

Reduced environmental impact

The use of asphalt modified with Honeywell Titan® additives helps reduce emissions related to paving. When data from the Texas highway paving trial is applied to an industry model, it showed that paving-related emissions can be reduced, including sulfur dioxide (SO2) by 82%, nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 43%, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 19% and carbon dioxide (CO2) by 18%.2

A multi-functional, high-quality, low-carbon solution

To meet rigorous specifications, reduce environmental impact and lower costs, the asphalt paving industry requires innovative products and materials that deliver high performance and durability. With decades of experience in the industry, our technical experts are ready to demonstrate how Honeywell Titan® can support you in meeting your business and sustainability goals.

Contact an expert today to learn how Honeywell Titan® multi-functional, low-carbon additive solutions fit into your sustainability journey by enabling an easy to compact, durable pavement.

[1] Calculated using National Asphalt Pavement Association’s greenhouse gas calculator.
[2] Extrapolated from ISAP 2008, Jullien et al: Environmental Assessment of HMA.