Feb 06


MD&M West 2024

Visit us at Booth 1572 to learn about the latest honeywell offerings in life sciences, including Spectra® UF Bio Fiber, Aclar Packaging, and Sensing Technology

Anaheim, CA

Feb 06 - Feb 08, 2024

Made for the Heart of Innovation:

Design smaller, stronger, and more durable medical devices with Spectra® UF Bio Fiber. Our Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene fiber is strong, light, and small, making it ideal for use in cardiovascular devices and more.

Schedule an appointment with our experts today and learn how Spectra UF bio and Spectra MG bio fibers can help enable smaller profile devices.

Honeywell Aclar® Films

Clearly Better for Medical Devices: Honeywell Aclar® is a crystal-clear, high-barrier poly-chloro-tri-fluoroethylene (PCTFE) thermoformable film that provides the highest moisture barrier among all polymer materials. As it's light weight, it enables drug or device containment to be as compact as possible, which can help ensure patients have small and discreet medical devices. Honeywell Aclar can improve product protection with less material and more barrier while also facilitating the safe and secure delivery of products, even in the most extreme environments. Also, Aclar helps pharmaceutical and medical device companies achieve their sustainability commitments because it reduces pack size, waste, and carbon emissions when compared to the same product packaged in cold form foil (CFF).