2024 ME-TECH 

Honeywell UOP Pre-Conference Seminar | Speakers

Join Honeywell UOP experts as they walk through the roadmap to achieving short term and long-term goals with a set of insights surrounding realistic opportunities, they are seeing for energy producers to help meet their net zero commitments.


Khaled Hashem

President, Middle East and Africa, High Growth Regions

Tim Ballai

Senior Product Manager for Carbon Capture and Hydrogen technologies

Honeywell UOP

Keith A. Couch

Head of Business Development & Integrated Projects

Honeywell UOP Process Technologies

Matt Spalding
Vice President & General Manager, MENA Honeywell Energy & Sustainability Solutions

Mohammed Rustom
Sustainability Market Development Director Honeywell STS (Sustainable Technology Solutions)

Valentina Di Mauro

Global Offering Manager for Naphtha Technologies and LOHC
Honeywell UOP

Nikunj Tanna

Technical Sales Engineer
Honeywell UOP Sustainable Technology Solutions

William Whyman

Principal Technologist
Honeywell UOP

Avijit Basu

Project Development Manager, Naphtha Technologies
Honeywell UOP

Leo Bresler

Sr. Project Development Manager
Honeywell UOP