Transforming Carbon-Fluorine Bonds

Introducing Honeywell CFX™ Technology, an advanced oxidation solution 

Honeywell CFX™ Technology is an advanced oxidation solution that allows >99.99% transformation efficiency

Anticipated regulations regarding the handling & disposal of compounds containing CF-bonds may lead to change in operation as well as additional costs for a range of businesses and municipalities, e.g., those in waste management, chemical & refining industry. To address these concerns, Honeywell UOP developed the CFXTM Technology, a cost-effective, secure & reliable solution that enables efficient C-F bond transformation, offering a permanent solution to long-term  sequestration.  Our innovative approach ensures compliance with existing regulations and Honeywell is committed to be your partner through any future regulations in this space.

Key Benefits of Honeywell CFXTM Technology

Highly efficient
99.99% transformation efficiency
Extensive Warranty
Ensuring compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations
Our extensive commercial experience & reputation combined with our technology’s exceptional reliability & minimal maintenance requirements enable predictable & cost-efficient operation, 24/7/365
Feed Composition Agnostic
Unlike alternative solutions, Honeywell UOP’s technology is feed composition agnostic, capable of converting gas and liquid mixtures as well as certain types of slurries.
Zero liquid waste discharge
Available for customers with limited access to POTW facilities, Honeywell UOP offers zero-liquid-effluent option that eliminates all liquid waste streams from the unit operation.
ONE Honeywell
Honeywell is dedicated to enabling global sustainability by providing diverse solutions, from renewable energy to advanced recycling, in a cost-effective manner, reaffirming our commitment to addressing sustainability challenges.


Why is wastewater management needed?

Our solutions have been trusted for >30 years to meet evolving compliance requirements.

What is PBT PFAS? How it is formed?

Here is the latest position from the US EPA on PBT PFAS, which stands for Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic PFAS: EPA has further proposed a National Primary Drinking Water Regulation (NPDWR) regarding PFOA, PFOS, PFHxS, PFNA, PFBS, and HFPO-DA.

What is Honeywell CFX™ Technology?

Honeywell’s C-F Bond Transformation technology is an advanced oxidation solution that allows >99.99% transformation efficiency. Our solution is capable of long-term, stable & reliable operation at temperatures up to 1400 ºC, driven by a patent pending process and control system.

As a fully automated unit that does not require intervention under normal operating conditions, Honeywell CFX™ technology eliminates the need for off-site waste hauling and handling designed to operate either as a standalone unit intaking untreated waste streams, or as a dedicated destruction step, as it is fully compatible with any legacy and future water pre-treatment technology. Most importantly, the technology is feed composition agnostic and can handle broad mixtures of organic and inorganic waste classes in gas, liquid, and slurry forms. Honeywell CFX™ technology is especially beneficial to those looking for a long-term solution for contaminant treatment, such as landfill leachate, industrial waste streams, AFFF as well as SAFF-, RO-, and IX-derived concentrates.

Honeywell CFX™ technology is based on Honeywell’s foundational waste management expertise that has over 30 years and 350 deployments globally of proven, reliable, and efficient operation. Most important for our customers: our equipment has a proven track record of meeting compliance obligations regardless of region, jurisdiction, or mandate.

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