Powering the Future

The Renewable Fuels & Decarbonization Conference

May 30 , 2024
Double Tree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur


Dear Customer,

We are excited to announce in-person Honeywell UOP Technology Conference exclusively for PETRONAS Team.

This workshop brings together Petronas team and Honeywell UOP scientists, engineers and industry experts to have open discussions and share best practices.

Event will focus on following topics:

  • Renewable Fuel Technology Roadmap: Explore the available process technology and pathway to produce Renewable Fuels.
  • Honeywell Hydrogen Solution – Increasing the Hydrogen Capacity within Your Existing Assets: Discover how to leverage existing infrastructure while embracing hydrogen technology with Honeywell's cutting-edge solutions.
  • Low Temperature Waste Heat Recovery: Unlock the potential of capturing and utilizing wasted thermal energy for a more efficient and sustainable future.
  • Pre-combustion Carbon Capture: Explore the technology behind capturing carbon emissions before they enter the atmosphere, a crucial step in decarbonization efforts.
  • Petronas-Honeywell Collaboration in Carbon Capture: Witness the power of collaboration as industry leaders join forces to tackle the challenge of carbon capture.

Detailed Agenda

Conference Schedule
Timing Topic Presenter
0900 - 0930 Opening Remarks Tsui Tsui, Honeywell UOP
Petronas Leadership
Hj Zabidi
Petronas Downstream Business Excellence
0930 - 1015 Next Generation Low Carbon Fuel Solution Mike Spivey, Honeywell UOP
1015 - 1035 Coffee Break
1035 - 1020 Co-processing Solution and FT Unicracking to SAF Kiran Kashibhatla, Honeywell UOP
1120 - 1250 Honeywell Hydrogen Solution
- Independent RecoveryMax
- High Performance PSA Adsorbent
- Zoneflow Internals for Hydrogen Production Unit
Avijit Basu, Honeywell UOP
William J Blasko, Honeywell UOP
1250 - 1400 Lunch
1400 - 1445 Energy Efficiency Through Latent Heat Recovery Kelly Seibert, Honeywell UOP
1445 – 1530 UOP High Performance Equipment Chua Ai Wei, Honeywell UOP
1530 - 1550 Coffee Break
1550 - 1630 Honeywell Blue Hydrogen Solution Viswa Balasubramaniyan, Honeywell UOP
1630 - 1700 Petronas – Honeywell Collaboration in Carbon Capture Christopher K Singham, Head - Carbon Capture Technologies, Petronas
1700 - 1720 Closing Remarks Petronas Leadership
Kelly Seibert, Honeywell UOP
Solution Booth visit & Refreshment