North American Refining Technology Conference (NARTC)

Join Honeywell UOP at booth #1 at the North American Refining Technology Conference (NARTC) in Houston, TX, January 30-31. Hear from our experts as they share solutions to help you navigate the changing energy landscape and realize the full potential of your existing assets.


NARTC focuses on connecting US refineries with the cutting-edge technologies that will determine the role of refining in the Energy Transition. NARTC promotes “Sustainable Refining” through decarbonization & digitalization strategies and provides a forum for North American refiners to set the agenda and collaborate on the sector’s short- to mid-term future.

Sustainability Investments – Changing Perspectives on How We Think About Catalyst Reloads

January 30th, 2:25 pm

Presented by Michael McBride, Solution Development Leader, Honeywell UOP

Refining across the energy transition is challenged to reduce carbon footprint, while at the same time ensuring that investments are bankable and supported by the shareholders. Large capital projects can be challenging in this environment. However, catalyst reloads are universally accepted as an ongoing business expense. Reloads have traditionally been focused on yields and selectivity at the process unit level. This view needs to change.

To help balance customer wants and needs in pursuit of bankable projects, we have developed the UOP Six Efficiencies Framework, which includes the tradeoffs between 1) Carbon, 2) Hydrogen, 3) Utilities, 4) Emissions, 5) Water – treated as a scarce resource, each in tension with 6) Capital.

In this presentation, we will discuss how the Six Efficiencies can be used to help understand the impact that catalyst reloads can have on site or enterprise-wide sustainability performance.

Monetizing Lower-Cost Hydrogen and Lower-Value Naphtha

January 31st, 11:30 am

Presented by Keith Couch, Sr. Director, Integrated Projects, Honeywell UOP

As the world progresses towards higher levels of decarbonization, we are witnessing a structural shift in the oil refining and petrochemicals industry. Many old, less efficient assets are being shuttered, while larger, integrated and more efficient R&P complexes are being developed. New complexes are positioned to off-set traditional refined fuel imports and extend into petrochemicals for a higher quality of debt service, while brownfield refineries are starting to shift their production. Whether new or old, all facilities are being challenged to do more with less and drive decarbonization. This almost always involves hydrogen and whether it is used for its chemical or fuel value. Join this presentation to learn more about how we can better leverage proven refining technologies to accelerate the shift towards chemicals. Learn some of the puts-and-takes associated with different hydrogen strategies, and how to leverage the UOP Six Efficiencies (E6) as a framework to improve the efficiency of your project, while consuming less feedstock and producing less CO2 per tonne of product.


January 30 – January 31, 2024
7:15 AM – 5:15 PM CST


The Four Seasons
1300 Lamar St, Houston, TX 77010 
Houston, TX


Keith Couch
Sr. Director, Integrated Projects | Honeywell UOP
Dean Krajinovic
Sr. Director, Sales – North America | Honeywell UOP
Michael McBride
Solution Development Leader | Honeywell UOP
Allison Lowe
Director, Strategic Account Management | Honeywell UOP
Bradley Hatt
Project Sales Manager Sustainability, Petrochemicals, Refining, Gas Processing | Honeywell UOP
Patrick Sugg
Director, Sales – North America | Honeywell UOP
Julian Vickers
Director, Business Development – North America | Honeywell UOP
Myke Danylo
Strategic Account Manager | Honeywell UOP